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Take Back Control of your Well-Being: Steps to Recharge your Body and Mind

By Aromafloria June 29, 2017 Leave a comment Go to comments
Recharge your Body and Mind Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day. And as time goes on and more responsibilities pile up from work, to kids, to errands, and everything in between, this tends to ring more true. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it can be extremely easy to lose yourself along the way. It becomes increasingly important to make changes to your daily routine to recharge your body, mind and soul. This can seem, and may be, challenging depending on the responsibilities and obligations involved in your life. But simply taking a half-an-hour of your day for “you” time will begin to alter your feelings and perspective. There are simple changes you can make to your daily routine to achieve these improved feelings.
1. Sweat out the stress. Exercise is not just beneficial to your physical well-being. It also releases endorphins that lift your mood. There are many ways you can exercise that will fit into your daily routine. If you have time, the gym is always a great option but you are exercising at a location that was physically removed from the areas that tend to create your stress. If you have no time for the extra commuting time, or the funds involved with belonging to a gym, you can simply take whatever amount of time you have to walk or jog around your neighborhood. There are also a ton of ten minute, twenty minute, thirty minute workouts you can find online.
2. Swap out skincare products for new ones. This change is simple, but often overlooked. A change in your skincare will alter the smells you inhale and the ingredients you are putting on your skin. It will also add additional nutrients and vitamins to your skin if you choose the correct products. For example, adding Aromafloria’s Mixology Facial Oil to your regime can do wonders. Its facial oil includes argan oil and black currant, to nourish, replenish and firm skin.
3. Be kind. A small, random act of kindness, such as purchasing the individual behind you at Starkbucks or McDonalds his or her order or carrying an elderly person's groceries to the car, can mean so much to that person. It can change their entire day. And that impact that you can make on someone else’s day will tremendously impact your own day. You will feel good about yourself and happy to have positively impacted someone else’s life.
4. Try different smells around your home. You can change your home’s ambiance by switching the smell of your home. Diffusing essential oils can lift your mood through your sense of smell. When a scent is inhaled, it travels to your brain where it impacts your mood. Diffusing a pleasant smell will instantly cheer you up. Aromafloria carries a line of essential oils that are meant to target different ailments, moods and feelings. Depending on your desired smells and targeted moods, you will quickly learn what oils are best for the daily grind.
5. Put down your cell phone. And your laptop. And your tablet. And any other electronic device. Pick up a book, play a game, go for a walk, or simply do nothing. As long as you remove yourself from technology for some period of time, your body will relax and your mind will wander from things that normally stress you out. You will be more at peace than usual. When you focus more on yourself, you create a healthier and recharged you.
You will also be better equipped to deal with the obligations of your daily life, but this time with a smile!
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