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How to Starve Off Procrastination through Aromatherapy

How to Starve Off Procrastination through Aromatherapy

With back to school season now in full swing, and the appeal of reuniting with friends and catching up on all of the summer’s gossip behind us, the long tedious nights of studying and coffee have set in. Procrastination will undoubtedly become a coping mechanism for the stress; after all, the appeal of a night out with friends to forget the stress of grades is much more appealing than studying for Algebra or Criminal Procedure. (Those who are past their school years, this is for you too! After all, whether you are in school or not, the end of summer seems to denote a different type of work environment, as well as a tendency to procrastinate on other responsibilities.) While it is easy to get caught up in the lure of procrastination, it is a slippery slope and a bad habit. Luckily, with the use of essential oils and life management tips, you can fight procrastination and increase productivity.

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Turn your Mundane Shower into a Spa-Like Experience with the Use of Essential Oils

Turn your Shower into a Spa with Essential Oils

With our busy schedules of rushing to get to work, to get the kids ready for school or bed, to get breakfast or dinner on the table, or to make it to that 6 A.M. yoga class with a few minutes to spare, it is no surprise that our morning and night routines often feel rushed. This is especially true of showering, which is often seen solely as a means to get clean (and much less often an enjoyable experience). That is not to say that even a rushed shower is not enjoyable, as it is often the highlight of a busy, long or sweaty day. However, even with minimal time to get yourself clean, you can still spruce up your shower experience even more with the use of essential oils. And while your morning or evening routine may still be hectic, an aromatherapy shower will leave you more relaxed and at peace to deal with the stressors of the day.

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Tips to Maintain Healthy Skin Throughout the Summer

Tips to Maintain Healthy Skin Throughout the Summer

Memorial Day and the Summer Solstice have come and gone, leaving with us the much-anticipated summer season! And while many of us have long awaited tanning on the beach, swimming in the pool and backyard bar-be-ques with family and friends, there is one pesky summer problem that likes to rear its ugly head just as the shorts and tank tops are unpacked for the summer: skin problems. The sweat caused by heat and humidity, the drying effects of the sun, and even the products we use to protect ourselves from burns and bites can leave our skin feeling as though there is a lot to be desired. Plus, with the glow of a tan and the business of the season, it is very easy to neglect skin care routines during the summer. However, it can be very quick and simple to guarantee that your skin looks, feels and is healthy all summer long.

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Steps to Achieve and Live a More Harmonious Life

Live a More Harmonious Life

When many adults feel stress, they have a common reaction: I wish I were on a beach somewhere far away with a cold drink in my hand. And while that may sound like the dream vacation, underneath it all, it is not what we really wish for at stressful or difficult times in our life. What we really need is more peace and harmony. Through the normal obligations and stressors of life, you may believe that this goal is hard to achieve. But it can be easier than you think if you make it a priority to bring more harmony to your life. Everyone’s idea of harmony and a happy lifestyle is different; however, the steps you can take to achieve inner peace and a happier life are very simple.

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Ways to Give your Mom a Much-Deserved Pampering this Mother’s Day

Pampering Mom this Mother's Day

Every year when Mother’s Day rolls around, many people struggle with what to give their mom to commemorate the celebratory day and truly show how loved mom is. Because moms are so special and play such an integral role in our life, this decision seems impossible. But it doesn’t have to be. What moms really need is a little tender loving care and some serious pampering! A little rest in exchange for all of the work moms do is exactly what they need! Here are ways you can help pamper your mom this Mother’s Day.

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Spring Cleaning: Rid your Home of Hazardous Chemicals and Use Natural Essential Oils

Spring Cleaning: Use Natural Essential Oils

It is that time of year many people initially dread but it always pays off in the long run. No, not pollen season or spring break crowds, although those could potentially be equally as dreadful. Spring cleaning time! Moving all of your heavy furniture to discover food and old socks is never fun. But the cleanliness and fresh smell you achieve afterwards is well worth the hours spent scrubbing and lifting and dusting. After all, it is important to maintain a healthy home for your family. And the great news is, there is a way to make your home smell fresher, appear cleaner and sustain a healthier environment for your family: essential oils.

By Aromafloria April 12, 2018 No comments

Combining the Power of Touch and Aromatherapy

Power of Touch and Aromatherapy

Even if it is not something you realize consciously, human touch is an extraordinarily powerful tool that provides benefits to both the body and the mind. A simple hug can change someone’s outlook on a day. A touch from a significant other can say “i love you” without an exchange of words. A sensuous massage can set a mood. Cradling a baby can help the baby grow and prosper (and stop crying!). Simply stated, touch can relieve stress and muscle tension, and provide positive benefits for the mind.

Why is this?

By Aromafloria January 4, 2018 No comments

Tips for Successfully Managing Holiday Stress

Tips for Successfully Managing Holiday Stress

For most, the holidays are a wonderful time filled with family, friends, food and good cheer. It is a time to raise your glass and share laughs with close family and friends. However, the holidays do not come without stressors that sometimes have you feeling a little less “Joy to the World” and a little more “Blue Christmas.” The holidays, along with all of the happiness and wonder they being can frankly be quite expensive, fattening and hectic. Luckily there are many strategies you can employ to have you back in the “Deck the Halls” mood in no time.

By Aromafloria December 11, 2017 No comments

Help Stay Active and Healthy with the Use of Essential Oils

Help Stay Active and Healthy with the Use of Essential Oils

Working out is a great, healthy way to stay in shape, enhance your overall physical and mental well-being and boost endorphins. Running and other physical exercise have many known health benefits, but can also wear the body down. And sometimes, injuries do happen. Because you are trying to stay fit naturally, it makes sense to recover and rejuvenate from your runs and workouts naturally. Essential oils are a wonderful way to accomplish this. There are many essential oils that are beneficial to help your body recover post workout.

By Aromafloria October 16, 2017 No comments

Back to School the Healthy Way: With Essential Oils

Back to School with Essential Oils

Back to school time is bittersweet for parents: a quieter home for the parents and a more structured environment for the children, but a farewell to summer and quality time. It also marks the beginning of cold and flu season, heightened by the germs your kids will ultimately swap with school children and possibly pass along to the entire family. There are also additional side effects for kids that back to school may bring upon, such as nerves, sleeplessness, stress or summer blues. While you typically think of essential oils as an adult-friendly alternative for health, they can be used for children as well (in limited amounts, and only some essential oils). Essential oils can help ease the entire family back into school year mode and promote a happy and healthy school year.

By Aromafloria September 14, 2017 No comments
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