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February 2014

The Perfect Bath

Aromafloria Perfect Bath Recipe

Since ancient times, people have been taking to the waters as a means to therapeutically treat illness and to restore harmony and balance to both mind and body. Hippocrates hypothesized that the cause of all disease lay in an imbalance within the body and inorder to regain balance, a change of habits was required which included bathing, perspiration, walking and massage.

The Romans expounded on these principles and were the first to use thermal spas and hot springs to promote health and wellness. These time-tested traditions live on today, but the good news is that a trip to a hot spring isn’t required to reap these health benefits! Let the beauty experts at Aromafloria show you how to create a health inducing, therapeutic bath in 5 easy steps that you can do at any time from the comforts of home.

By AromafloriA February 3, 2014 2 comments