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November 2015


Aroma Remedy Eucalyptus Scrub

Feeling in need of a detox after your Thanksgiving feast? A juice cleanse might reboot your insides before the next holiday, but your skin might also be in need of a fresh start. Detoxify your body from the outside....

Posted in: Wellness Tips
By Aromafloria November 26, 2015 No comments

Body Oil

Mixology Shower & Bath Oil

Who doesn’t love a relaxing bubble bath or luxurious lather when temperatures outside begin to dip? But many soaps strip your skin of the hydration it needs to ward off that dreaded winter itch. Bumping up the heat in your bath or shower can provide a welcome relief from a chilly commute, but it can also negate many of the moisturizing properties of your body wash. Luckily ......

Posted in: Wellness Tips
By Aromafloria November 12, 2015 No comments

Breathe Easier this Fall

Sinus Help Inhalation Beads

It’s tough to appreciate the beauty of autumn foliage when you have a pounding sinus headache and can’t stop sneezing. But it’s just as tough to appreciate the changing leaves when your allergy medication makes you too drowsy to function.

By Aromafloria November 2, 2015 No comments