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September 2016

How using essential oils can help combat anxiety and depression

The end of summer is a double edge sword; you swap in your bathing suits and Piña Colada for sweaters and pumpkin spice. In some, that invokes a much-welcomed change of temperature and pace. For others, not so much. But there is one common change that everyone feels, regardless of your love or hate for cooler weather - that earlier sunset.

Even if you love the autumn, it is hard to not feel a little bogged down every evening when you leave work and it is pitch black already. Those shorter, darker days may invoke feelings of anxiety or depression in even the happiest of people. There is no need to feel down though! Essential oils are a natural remedy to combat those dark day blues. Essential oils have been tested, and proven, to elevate mood. Aromafloria has just what you need to brighten those end-of-summer, blues.

By Aromafloria September 19, 2016 No comments

Bubble Bath Benefits for Men's Health & Well-Being

Bubble baths are not just for women…. Despite this, a majority of adult men do not take baths, let alone bubble baths. Men are quick to jump in the shower, jumping out only a few minutes later: a necessary hold-up the rest of their morning and/or evening routine.

However, for men who have dismissed the idea until now, it is time to reevaluate. Aging? Your boss have you at wits end? Still suffering from a sports injury you suffered in high school? Not only are bubble baths quality alone time, but they significantly reduce stress and pain.

By Aromafloria September 8, 2016 No comments