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July 2018

Tips to Maintain Healthy Skin Throughout the Summer

Tips to Maintain Healthy Skin Throughout the Summer

Memorial Day and the Summer Solstice have come and gone, leaving with us the much-anticipated summer season! And while many of us have long awaited tanning on the beach, swimming in the pool and backyard bar-be-ques with family and friends, there is one pesky summer problem that likes to rear its ugly head just as the shorts and tank tops are unpacked for the summer: skin problems. The sweat caused by heat and humidity, the drying effects of the sun, and even the products we use to protect ourselves from burns and bites can leave our skin feeling as though there is a lot to be desired. Plus, with the glow of a tan and the business of the season, it is very easy to neglect skin care routines during the summer. However, it can be very quick and simple to guarantee that your skin looks, feels and is healthy all summer long.

By Aromafloria July 31, 2018 No comments