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August 2018

Turn your Mundane Shower into a Spa-Like Experience with the Use of Essential Oils

Turn your Shower into a Spa with Essential Oils

With our busy schedules of rushing to get to work, to get the kids ready for school or bed, to get breakfast or dinner on the table, or to make it to that 6 A.M. yoga class with a few minutes to spare, it is no surprise that our morning and night routines often feel rushed. This is especially true of showering, which is often seen solely as a means to get clean (and much less often an enjoyable experience). That is not to say that even a rushed shower is not enjoyable, as it is often the highlight of a busy, long or sweaty day. However, even with minimal time to get yourself clean, you can still spruce up your shower experience even more with the use of essential oils. And while your morning or evening routine may still be hectic, an aromatherapy shower will leave you more relaxed and at peace to deal with the stressors of the day.

By Aromafloria August 21, 2018 No comments