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Back to School the Healthy Way: With Essential Oils

By Aromafloria September 14, 2017 Leave a comment Go to comments
Back to School with Essential Oils Back to school time is bittersweet for parents: a quieter home for the parents and a more structured environment for the children, but a farewell to summer and quality time. It also marks the beginning of cold and flu season, heightened by the germs your kids will ultimately swap with school children and possibly pass along to the entire family. There are also additional side effects for kids that back to school may bring upon, such as nerves, sleeplessness, stress or summer blues. While you typically think of essential oils as an adult-friendly alternative for health, they can be used for children as well (in limited amounts, and only some essential oils). Essential oils can help ease the entire family back into school year mode and promote a happy and healthy school year.
Sleeplessness is common at the beginning of the school year for many reasons. Children typically have later bedtimes during the summers; daylight extends much longer in the summer; the stress or nerves of going back to school. Poor sleep may have significant negative impacts on your child’s mood and performance in school. Essential oils can help eliminate this problem. Lavender essential oil is a common fix for poor or restless sleep.
For children there are a few popular options. First, you can place a few drops of essential oil in a carrier lotion and rub onto your child to help them relax and fall asleep. Next, you can simply place a drop of essential oil on a tissue and place under your child’s pillow so that they inhale the oils as they fall asleep. An easy alternative would be to use Sleep Ease Inhalation Beads. Simply fill the enclosed pouch with beads, hold up to your nose and inhale.
Nerves are another common problem. Some kids love going back to school, some hate it. Some are fearless, while others worry about it all. If you are a parent to a natural born worrier, or your child is worried about entering a new school, or meeting a new teacher or friends, there is an essential oil to calm the jitters. Chamomile essential oil, or lavender, have calming effects that will subside or eliminate your kid’s nerves. Try spritzing them with one of those oils, or both, or sending them to school with a diffuser pendant. Again, Aromafloria makes an inhalation bead, Stress Less,that is effective and simple to use.
Concentration can be difficult at the beginning of the school year, when children are not accustomed to focusing on school eight hours a day, or homework, when they get home. For some kids, concentration is difficult all year long. Here, depending on the age of the child, the solution may differ. For older children, middle or high school aged, helpful essential oils include lemon, rosemary, basil or peppermint. These four oils are known to help with concentration, memory and focus. A diffuser pendant is good for the school day, while diffusing in your home is good for homework time.
Germs are one of the biggest drawbacks of the beginning of the school year. Because of the number of colds, flus and other illnesses that are spread in schools, the beginning of the school year is a good time to teach or remind your children how to stay healthy and avoid (to the extent possible) germs. In addition, you can provide them with tools to help fight illness. Homemade essential oil hand sanitizer can help your children stay healthy in public places at school. Simply mix aloe vera with lavender and tea tree oil. If headaches or sinus problems become an issue, there are essential oil inhalation beads to solve that problem as well!
If you are new to essential oils, there are Long Island aromatherapy companies that can make your transition seamless! Regardless of whether you are a “hooray they're back at school” or a “man, I miss them” parent, or a combination of both, there are essential oils that will ease you and your kids back into the school year.
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