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Ways to Give your Mom a Much-Deserved Pampering this Mother’s Day

By Aromafloria May 8, 2018 Leave a comment Go to comments
Pampering Mom this Mother's Day Every year when Mother’s Day rolls around, many people struggle with what to give their mom to commemorate the celebratory day and truly show how loved mom is. Because moms are so special and play such an integral role in our life, this decision seems impossible. But it doesn’t have to be. What moms really need is a little tender loving care and some serious pampering! A little rest in exchange for all of the work moms do is exactly what they need! Here are ways you can help pamper your mom this Mother’s Day.

Breakfast. Odds are, your mom spent a great deal of time preparing the most important meal of the day for you, despite her never-ending list of other tasks and works. And odds are, she loved every second of it. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to repay the favor. If you are savvy in the kitchen, cook up a nice brunch for your mom, full of all of your breakfast favorites (and some mimosas)! Do not let her help with the cooking or the cleaning no matter how much she insists; it is mom’s day off. If cooking isn’t your strongest suit, a nice brunch out is perfect too… just make sure to call now as places book up pretty quickly on this important day!

Make the afternoon about her. Most moms say they do not want or need much. They do not want you worrying about them, spending money on them, doting over them. However, there is something that every person, including mom, dreams of spending a day doing. Perhaps it is a day at a winery on the east end, a movie, a hike, a trip to the mall. Whatever your mom loves, treat her too. Many women with children, no matter how old the kids are, do not take the time out of their day to truly enjoy all of the things they love to do. It is a sacrifice they continue to make for their children and Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show mom that she can be spoiled too.

Relax. After indulging mom in her favorite activities, she will likely need a little rest and relaxation. What better way to accomplish that than an at-home spa experience. While this may seem challenging, you do not have to become a masseuse to relax mom after a long day of activities. If you have the means, you can have in Home facials, massages and/or manicures. However, you do not even have to go this extravagant to put a relaxed smile on mom’s face. Essential oils should do the trick! Simply diffuse lavender essential oil (or whatever scent mom prefers) with soothing music; let her relax on the couch, in a bubble bath followed by warm towels or however she prefers. Have her place her head over a bowl of hot water with basil essential oil to shed toxins. If you need ideas on products to complete your in-home spa experience, visit our bath & body section. You can even purchase an at-home foot spa to put an exclamation mark on the relaxation. (Remember, the body can often get dehydrated after spa treatment so provide mom with plenty of water).

End the evening on a high. Whether mom loves a nice filet mignon, a salad or some chocolate cake, treat mom to a finishing touch that she normally would not treat herself too. Mom may be the best cook in the family but she too should know how it feels to sit back, relax and enjoy being catered too. Grab the family, whip up some of mom’s favorite dishes, along with her favorite bottle of wine and enjoy family time - that is the most important gift a mom could receive.

While finding a gift for mom may seem difficult, there is no need to worry! A mom loves quality family time and needs pampering. Any mix of those that suits your mom’s personality and likes with the absolute perfect gift!

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