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Combining the Power of Touch and Aromatherapy

By Aromafloria January 4, 2018 Leave a comment Go to comments
Power of Touch and Aromatherapy Even if it is not something you realize consciously, human touch is an extraordinarily powerful tool that provides benefits to both the body and the mind. A simple hug can change someone’s outlook on a day. A touch from a significant other can say “i love you” without an exchange of words. A sensuous massage can set a mood. Cradling a baby can help the baby grow and prosper (and stop crying!). Simply stated, touch can relieve stress and muscle tension, and provide positive benefits for the mind.
Why is this? Skin is the largest organ of the body; it is packed with nerves that are extremely sensitive to touch. This causes us to feel both pain and relief. How the body feels overall is affected greatly by an individual’s sense of touch. The skin is the first thing touched by indicators from the outside world: it tells us when we are hurt, we are pleasured, we are cold, we are hot and so much more. It is extremely important to listen to the cues from your sense of touch and treat your body accordingly.
More scientifically, when the human body experiences “good” touch, the body releases the “love hormone,” or oxytocin. The release of this hormone itself has known health benefits, such as reducing blood pressure, decreasing stress-related hormones and increasing pain tolerance.
Often affiliated with touch is massage. As far as it can be determined, massage has been used therapeutically for as long as humans have been on this planet. Massage can reduce stress stress, heal bodily injury and illness, relieve pain and produce a sense of overall well-being. Today, people get massages for various reasons, from pure enjoyment to pain relief to migraine relief and more.
To aid in a proper massage, massage oils made with essential oil are often used; these oils reduce the friction between the hands and the massages portion of the body, and along the fingers to glide along the skin easily. The use of different essential oils does not only provide these practical benefits, but also mental and physical benefits. Different essential oils provide the body with different mental and physical health benefits through the use of the senses. These benefits can continue to do the body good long after the massage is over. The use of the oils in conjunction with the benefit of touch can help to sooth anxiety and stress, boost our energy, ease nausea, relieve cramps and much more, depending on the oil used.
There are multiple variations of essential oil and carrier oil that can be combined to produce the environment that you want and the physical and mental results that you need. For example, if you are looking to relax, combine Aromafloria’s Mixology Organic Lavender Essential Oil Blend our Mixology Massage Oil or to make it even more simple, we sell a pre-made massage oils. Click Here
Even without massage, there are so many ways that the power of touch can positively influence your day and even your health: holding hands, cuddling, sex, a pedicure, yoga and so much more! Next time you feel down or ill, instead of turning to medication, try massage over medication; you will see and feel instant results!
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