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Help Stay Active and Healthy with the Use of Essential Oils

By Aromafloria October 16, 2017 Leave a comment Go to comments
Help Stay Active and Healthy with the Use of Essential Oils Working out is a great, healthy way to stay in shape, enhance your overall physical and mental well-being and boost endorphins. Running and other physical exercise have many known health benefits, but can also wear the body down. And sometimes, injuries do happen. Because you are trying to stay fit naturally, it makes sense to recover and rejuvenate from your runs and workouts naturally. Essential oils are a wonderful way to accomplish this. There are many essential oils that are beneficial to help your body recover post workout.
Essential oils are plant medicines. Depending on the type of oil, it can be diffused, digested or placed directly on skin to help cure ailments or aid in recovery. Useful essential oils for an athlete, or those of us who choose to stay fit through jogs or gym time, include lavender essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, lemon essential oil and peppermint essential oil.
Lavender essential oil does wonders for the bumps and bruises that are sometimes caused by workout accidents. Lavender aids in soothing cuts and bruises, and also quickens recovery time. As an added bonus, lavender is most commonly known for its relaxation properties; therefore, it can be used to induce a calming mind and body and restful night sleep post-race or workout. Aromafloria sells many lavender essential oil based products such as body wash and massage oil that can easily be introduced to your routine to garner these benefits.   Lavender Products 
Lemon essential oil also has many beneficial uses for athletes. Lemon essential oil is digestible and can be added to the water you drink during and post-workout. The addition of lemon enhances detoxifying effects for your body, and also adds a great taste! In addition, lemon essential oil has been shown to cure athlete’s foot and stimulate your immune system, which becomes incredibly important as intensive training may affect your body’s ability to ward off illness. 
Eucalyptus essential oil is another very common oil for many purposes, including training and workout. Inhaling eucalyptus has been shown to improve respiratory function, which is very important during workouts and running. If you can't breathe properly, working out becomes ineffective and dangerous. Eucalyptus also has cooling factors that will cool your body down post-run. Lastly, those cooling properties also soothe inflamed muscles. Aromafloria sells a Muscle Soak Workout Relief Kit, including bath salts, body wash and body scrub to have you back to the gym in no time. Eucalyptus Products
Peppermint essential oil relieves pre-race nervous nauseous and headaches. It also increases mental alertness so that your entire mind and body is focused on your race or training. Peppermint also has soothing properties that aid in recovery for post workout aches and pains. Peppermint Products
It is simple to incorporate essential oils into your daily routine. This natural remedy to your aches and pains will have you back to the races in no time!
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