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How to Stay Relaxed and Focused during the Stress of Holiday Shopping

By Aromafloria December 4, 2018 Leave a comment Go to comments
How to Stay Relaxed and Focused during the Stress of Holiday Shopping As the days grow shorter and the climate cooler, a sense of excitement builds for the impending holiday season. However, for many adults, it does not take long for that excitement to dwindle; in its place comes the stress of finding the perfect gifts, at affordable prices while waiting on long lines in crowded, hot shopping malls. With the peak of holiday shopping season just around the corner, it is important to remember the joy and quality time with family and friends that is truly at the heart of the holiday season. If you are someone that tends to stress over holidays, and shopping in particular, our Long Island aromatherapy experts have some tips to keep you stress-free this holiday shopping season.

Plan ahead. Prior to venturing out into the holiday shopping madness, create a master list of everyone that you need to buy for; if possible, next to each name include two or three items that you believe that person would like. Make sure to include everything in this list, including stocking stuffers, a company gift exchange or a donated gift. The purpose of this list is not to force you into those particular gifts but to point you in a particular direction so your shopping trips are more organized. It is easiest to keep this list on your phone, as you are less likely to leave that behind than a piece of paper.

Set a budget. Much of the stress of holiday shopping stems from the money burning a hole in your pocket, and not from the act of shopping or the fact of the holiday itself. On your list, next to each person and the corresponding gift items, put a limit of what you are willing or able to spend. If you purchase only what you can afford, the shopping experience will be much more pleasant.

Try online. If you stress easily in over-crowded, over-heated shopping malls, attempt to eliminate at least a portion of your list via online shopping. Packages that get delivered right to your door eliminate time and stress; plus you can complete the shopping in your pajamas with your holiday scented or relaxing essential oils diffusing. If anything is left over, highlight those items and then brave the traffic to the stores.

Timing is key. Unless you enjoy the madness of crowded store (yes, there are some people that thrive off of that energy), strategically plan the times you chose to head to the store. Try to slowly accumulate your gifts during your lunch breaks or take time off of work (if possible) to shop during the weekdays. While many people may do this, stores will still be less crowded on a Tuesday morning than a Tuesday night or Saturday.

Start early. The earlier you begin, the more you can pace yourself. Attempting to complete it all in one day (especially if that one day is Christmas Eve) or even throughout the course of one month only heightens the level of stress. The downside of starting early is that many people will over-buy as the purchases are more spread out, or they will forget all of the items they previously purchased. This is where a list is especially beneficial. Plus, that downside is still more appealing than the stress caused by procrastination.

Delegate. If there is something you, personally, do not need to do, let someone else take care of the task. Use a grocery personal shopping service or gift-wrap service. Not only do these save time, but they will also keep you away from crowds.

Take care of yourself. This has nothing to do with the actual art of shopping but if you do not properly take care of your mind and body, you will not have the energy and focus to shop. Eat well (but indulge for the holidays!), make time to exercise, dress cozy, take your Vitamin C and make sure to get adequate rest. Make “you” time, whether that includes a simple glass of wine, an aromatherapy massage day, a lavender essential oil infused bath, or an escape to the bathroom or car just to escape the madness!

And, as you are inevitably looking for that last gift that you just cannot find or decide on, remember the true meaning of the holiday season: love, family and friends. When you embrace a little bit of chaos, you will have no problem making it through the shopping experience unscathed. Remember the joy your presents, and more importantly your presence, will have on others and you will have a delightful holiday season.

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