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How to Starve Off Procrastination through Aromatherapy

How to Starve Off Procrastination through Aromatherapy

With back to school season now in full swing, and the appeal of reuniting with friends and catching up on all of the summer’s gossip behind us, the long tedious nights of studying and coffee have set in. Procrastination will undoubtedly become a coping mechanism for the stress; after all, the appeal of a night out with friends to forget the stress of grades is much more appealing than studying for Algebra or Criminal Procedure. (Those who are past their school years, this is for you too! After all, whether you are in school or not, the end of summer seems to denote a different type of work environment, as well as a tendency to procrastinate on other responsibilities.) While it is easy to get caught up in the lure of procrastination, it is a slippery slope and a bad habit. Luckily, with the use of essential oils and life management tips, you can fight procrastination and increase productivity.

By Aromafloria November 1, 2018 No comments
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