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Muscle Soak Ocean Mineral Bath Salts

Muscle Soak Ocean Mineral Bath Salts

Product Review (submitted on April 19, 2016):
I used this after open heart surgery where 4 of my rib to spine joints were dislocated from spreading my chest, not to mention all the bruising to the front side. I added a good squirt of Sore Muscle Body Wash for some heat retaining bubbles on the surface of the bath.
The only problem is that some crystals don’t dissolve and drift down the tub. When you sit on a crystal it burns your skin and sticks to your skin if you sit still for 10-15 min. My remedy is to put the salts in a quart measuring cup under the faucet slowly running at the start of fill. By the time it floats most of the crystals are dissolved. Most of the ones that do not dissolve, settle around the drain. Then when I get in I brush the bottom of the tub with the bottoms of my feet to push any lose undissolved crystals to the drain end of the tub.
When everything hurts and I can’t sleep this bath does a perfect job and I wake up refreshed.