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Our Story

For nearly three decades Aromafloria has delivered finely crafted, artisanal quality body care and aromatherapy products. Each unique formula is powered by a custom blend of organic essential oils, therapeutic herbs, exotic botanical extracts, vitamins and minerals to deliver optimal health benefits.

Aromafloria aromatherapy products are manufactured in a USDA Certified Organic facility that is 100% wind powered. Ingredients are carefully sourced from fair trade markets worldwide. Great care is taken to ensure that our suppliers adhere to the highest ethical standards and that all organic plant based materials are harvested from renewable and ecologically sustainable growers. Every effort is made to leave a minimal footprint on the environment, to keep Earth's natural resources in tact for future generations to come.

Sharon Christie - Founder / CEO

Sharon Christie began her training as a pharmacist, chemist and aromatherapist. Her studies included research of the Amazon Rainforest and the folklore benefits of native plant materials. She has spent her career focusing on the healing power of aroma; she follows her heart and her nose into all facets of her work. For more than three decades, she has devoted herself to educating health professionals, beauty experts and consumers worldwide about the benefits of adopting aromatherapy as part of a healthy lifestyle.

As a Pharmacist and Herbalist specializing in aromatherapy, Sharon experienced firsthand the benefits of essential oils and their profound effect on promoting wellness. This experience determined her lifelong mission: to introduce this natural approach in the form of superior bath and body products as well as luxurious spa treatments. In 1985, she combined her experience and vast knowledge with the technology of contemporary science and created Aromafloria, her purpose: "to help our consumers obtain balance of body, mind and spirit, while preserving the Earth and her resources".

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